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How to Format & Send in Your Artwork Ready for Customizing

4th August 2022 in Marketing & branding

You’ve already created your design, and you know exactly which printed promotional items you want it to put onto. Job more-or-less done? Well, not quite.

There are other important things to consider. How exactly do you deliver your artwork to EverythingBranded? Is there a particular file format you need to provide it in? How do you know the colors will be accurately reproduced? What about sizing?

Of course, here at EverythingBranded, we have our own in-house graphics team, so if you don’t have access to your own artworker, we can help you. Our designers will be able to get your products looking just right, with you involved at each stage of putting the visuals together and perfecting them. The team is also available to answer other queries you could have about providing the right artwork, but as a general guide carry on reading here! 


1. What sort of artwork can I send? 


You probably already know that in digital imaging there are many different file formats, with some more suitable for one print purpose than for another. You’ll have heard of the file extensions .png, .jpg, .tiff, .eps, .pdf, .ai but perhaps you don’t know what those strange gatherings of letters mean or how they’re relevant to the printing process!

Vector files (.eps , .pdf, .ai) are suitable for all types of printing process, and Raster (pixel) files are suitable only for full color or transfer print (.png , .jpg, .tiff). Those cannot be used for screen printing, debossing, or engraving.

So, the type of artwork you send to us for printing onto your products will depend on the process necessary for each particular product. Our team will be happy to advise you at each step of the ordering process so that the correct format is supplied to us – or if you are unable to provide the correct file format for the product you’re ordering, our design team will work with you to sort it out. 


2. Colors 


The globally recognized color-match system used in the design and print industry is Pantone, and that means each color (and shade of color) has its own ‘code’. There is another blog here at our site with some really interesting information about Pantone, and we recommend you take a look.

In short, though, using this Pantone coding system means that we can always get an exact match on color for your logo or branding across all of the different products we supply. As long as we have the code, we can get it right every time!


3. How do I send my artwork?


It’s as simple as sending your digital files (and any associated instructions) to our design team. Proofs will be sent back to you in PDF format for ease of viewing, so that you’ll be able to offer any further notes on any element of the design or approve it. We work through this process of amends and alterations to a ‘sign off’ – and we will then go to print for you!


4. What types of printing do you use, and onto which products?


Printing is not quite as simple as just ‘putting ink onto a surface’. There are so many interesting processes for effective printing onto different materials, and we use several of them: Embossing, applique, deep etched, debossed, heat transfer, embroidered, foil stamped, full process color, laser engraved, pad printed, stain etched, and screen printed, to give a few examples! We blogged recently about printing on pens, and you can read all about that here.

In terms of the items, we can print onto, it’s an almost endless list! From embossed promotional products such as silicone wallets or tins of mints right through to applique promotional items like these heavyweight wristbands and these badges which are perfect for sports kits, military-style uniforms and more. We can also get the logo or message of your business, organization, campaign, charity, or event onto just about anything else you can think of: Mugs, hats, hoodies, branded screen-printed t-shirts, keychains, stress balls, notebooks, glasses, air fresheners, engraved metal pens, pencils, bags… Take a browse of our site!

In terms of providing artwork, it turns out that it’s really simple. If you’re worrying about any aspect of the whole process – which types of files to send to us, our color accuracy etc. – our advice is: Don’t! Here at EverythingBranded we’re experts at what we’re doing, and we work hard to make sure you have not only the best products available, but the best experience. Simply get in touch and we’ll take it from there – together!

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