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Celebrating Independent Retailer Month!

8th July 2022 in Marketing & branding

July is the time to celebrate American Independence – and we don’t just mean our national independence on July 4th! It’s also Independent Retailer Month – so you should be thinking about innovative ways to celebrate your individuality.

Our country is made up of vast numbers of independent and small businesses. Each of them sits alongside corporate behemoths and powerhouse chains and offers something they don’t: Uniqueness. Whether you’re a restaurant or coffee shop, a department or convenience store, a garage or repair shop, a beauty salon or gym, bookstore, or guitar dealer (or anything else you can imagine in-between) you can truly shout about your unique business identity by investing in some quality promotional products for independent retailers.

Why? That’s easy to answer... Quality branded products for small business are a proven way to raise awareness of you and what you do. Think of them as the simplest promotional tool, sort of like good old-fashioned word of mouth. As well as being great to gift to customers, clients, and friends your promo merchandise, featuring your logo or message, can be a central part of any broader marketing strategy you might have.

But when we’re talking about this special swag for small businesses, what exactly do we mean? We’re talking about low-cost branded items such as water bottles, mugs, glasses, cups, caps, pens, notebooks, bags, shirts and more. In fact, just about anything you can think of - and at EverythingBranded there is a massive choice within each product range. From standard click action pens to pens shaped like syringes, or cool snapbacks to hats shaped like animals. So much choice, and so many different products on which to print your logo and project your company’s aesthetic.

The benefit of investing in this low-cost small business merch is that when you gift items at events, conferences, meetings, promos or instore, or through the post, you are putting your business’s branding right into the heart of people’s everyday lives. Gift someone a custom pen and when they use it each day to write or to sign things, they will see your logo and think of you. When you gift custom mugs, users will think of you each time they make a coffee. All these smaller moments add up to a greater brand awareness.


Our Three Favorite Promotional Items for Independent Retailers

  1. The humble Ceramic Mug is a must. When these are printed with your logo, they’re a no-nonsense message to the user to trust and value your brand. A great way to market is during someone’s valuable coffee break time each day of Independent Retailer Month, and each day after!
  2. The Executive Style Metal Pen is a fantastic promotional tool for small businesses. It suggests quality and value, which is going to reflect well on your brand. Plus, it’s a regular and repeat marketing moment for you – everyone needs a pen each day during Independent Retailer Month and beyond, right?
  3. The Custom Branded Cap is a true American classic. Comfortable and stylish for the user with prominent promo display for your business. From the playing field to the shopping mall, with a cap your brand heads for regular exposure during Independent Retailer Month – and beyond!

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